Grammar or Jupiter? Hmm…

Tonight was supposed to include Grammar and the exciting review of pronouns, nouns, adjectives, adverbs, and agreement.  Instead, kiddo got out of car and smiled up at the stars, then pointed at one and asked for its name.  It turns out he was pointing at Betelgeuse, Orion’s shoulder, which launched us into a chat in the driveway about the constellation and the fact that Betelgeuse looks like a red and white flashy Christmas light because it’s a red giant that will supernova someday.  When his daddy got home and took over the discussion since we exhausted Momma’s knowledge of those stars, we decided he was too excited for boring ‘ol Grammar.  It was a little warmer than the previous two nights, so we made dinner while Orion and Jupiter rose higher in the sky and the sun set the rest of the way.  After cleanup time, we bundled up and headed into the backyard for an impromptu astronomy party!

Mr. B and I have discovered our specialties.  He can remember all the random facts about the stars, constellations, and planets, but has a hard time getting his target into the eyepiece of the scope (we need to collimate it and line up the viewfinder scope; collimation is only a tiny bit off, but the viewfinder is off quite a bit so we’re currently finding targets with the main scope).  My specialty is that I can land on our targets.

When I got Jupiter in the eyepiece and turned it over to the kiddo, I think his exact words were, “Wooooooooooah…  Wooooah.  Coooool!  It’s striped like my shirt!”  We remembered to swap in the 10mm and got the picture below (well, a handful of them, but this is the best).  The stripes are still not visible, but I like how the curvature of the moons is so noticeable.  The 10mm has a much more narrow field of view so only two of the moons were captured.  We think those are Io and Europa?  But are not certain.


Once we all got our fill of Jupiter, we stood back and let Bug look around wherever he liked at the vast array of stars.  If he wasn’t hooked before, I think he is, now!

We have a variable filter on order to block enough light so we can look at the Moon, so once that comes in, we plan to spend a lot of time looking at our nearest neighbor.

But until then, Grammar tomorrow night.  Sorry, kiddo!


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