We are perfect parents that helped revise the latest editions of the Parenting Manual everyone receives at the time of children’s births – you’re welcome, by the way!  Our son is the best human being on the face of the planet, and how could he not be, when raised by such astute, intuitive, and loving caregivers?

That would be so nice…  Unfortunately, our Parenting Manual never arrived (I knew there would be issues when we forgot to tip the mailman at Christmas that year!) so we’ve flown by the seat of our pants and done our best.  We have and will continue to mess up, but we love our little bug with everything we are, and try to bend Heaven and Earth to give him everything he needs, and then some.

Known throughout this blog as LittleB, our little fella is perfect, by the way, but that is a gift to us, not because of us.  He is gentle, innocent, lighthearted, funny, silly, and can build the biggest, most elaborate Lego creations known to Man.  He is also Autistic but that is not his defining characteristic; while it impacts others’ interactions with him, it is just a small part of who he is.  For us, it is like saying “my son is left-handed.”  Why should it be such a big deal?  That is why our biggest hope for him is that, someday, when he grows to adulthood, the “Big People” world will be a place where he is accepted for who he is, not because he looks at things from a different perspective.  New perspectives are a good thing.  But we realize changing the world to suit our kiddo is not entirely realistic, so we also work to show him how to function among the not-so-tolerant masses.

As far as us – his parents, known here as Mr.B and Mrs.B – we both work full-time, Monday to Friday, 8-5 jobs, and do all the other things adults need to do such as cleaning, getting groceries, paying bills, carving out some time for ourselves so we do not lose our minds (well, lose them anymore than they already are), and all the rest.  In addition, we chose to homeschool LittleB when the public school system simply was not meeting his needs despite repeated efforts over the course of five years to work within the constraints of legislation and apathetic school systems.

Mr.B is an IT professional working for an online university that does SQL programming and QA troubleshooting, and Mrs.B  is an office admin for an international manufacturing corporation that does a little bit of everything from Human Resources, customer service, shipping, purchasing, operations support in scheduling and other areas, to Accounts Receivable.  In our thirties while working full-time, Mr.B earned an Associates and Mrs.B earned two Associates and a Bachelors, so we are familiar with the process of multi-tasking and squeezing in 48 hours of “to do” list into 24 hour days.  When homeschooling became a need for LittleB, we simply adapted our previous schedules to suit his needs and started the journey.  Time management is an important life skill, so he needs to learn it sometime, right?

Come along on our adventures!  While I would love to say each hurdle life throws our way will be scaled with grace, poise, and dignity, I have no doubts we will trip and fall flat on our faces along the way.  One thing we are good at – due to all the practice we have had! – is getting up, dusting ourselves off, and continuing on our paths.  That is not to say we might not gripe and whine about whoever or whatever put that trip hazard in our path, though!


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